Thank God It’s Beach Season!

Thank God indeed!

This was my birthday weekend……..since we had been out of town for the last three weekends we didn’t have any real plans.    Plus our Colorado was my big present so…………

But I got up Saturday morning to a big present in the living room.  Edward had gone to Goliad and bought a purse I saw and loved a while back.  What a sweetheart!  I spent the day getting lots of phone calls, text and Facebook messages.   It was a little overwhelming.

I wanted to go to the beach on Saturday but there was a pool party with some work people that I felt obligated to attend.  So we spent the day being lazy until later in the afternoon  Since I am kind of new I felt it was important to at least put in an appearance.    The house where the backyard was held looked like something out of HGTV!!!!!

They have a gorgous swimming pool with a hot tub, a lovely sitting area and an outdoor fire pit.    The pit was gas and the top covered with turqoise colored glass pieces.  I wasn’t sure I would like it but once it got dark and they lit it up I was fascinated sitting and watching the colors change.  So now Edward and I know what the backyard in our dream house will look like.

It was a pretty fun evening……..and Edward finally got the chance to put the names to the faces I keep talking about.

So Sunday morning we packed up and headed out for the first beach day of 2012!   The beach conditions were much improved over our last visit and it was a pretty day.  First trip of the season is always a little disorganized……we have to remember how we do this.  It always surprises me how much we forget about over the winter.  But we got everything there and set up in short order.  A couple of friends joined us and Edward made a tasty batch of sangria. 

It was a very nice afternoon………and we both came home with some pretty good sunburns.  I’ll say that again:  We BOTH came home with pretty good sunburns.

All in all not a bad birthday weekend.

Oh……we also got the proofs from the graduation photographer.  They are wonderful pictures!!!  I can’t wait until our copies come in.

I’ll post good ones when our cd with the images arrives.

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!





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