A Few More Notable Graduations

If it’s May it must be graduation season. Last week while we were on vacation Emiliano graduated from Pre-school.

Its too bad that we were out of town and didn’t get to attend but isn’t he a handsome boy! And Edward is getting to big too. Emilio was pretty proud of his graduation.

Yesterday was Lillyanna’s Preschool graduation in Alice. It was a hot steamy day and Edward had to rush but made it there in time. I had to sit this one out……work called. 😦 Anytime other than the week directly after a week off with pay you couldn’t have kept me away but this time I just couldn’t make it. Ed said Lilly kept asking where I was. But I got to see it in pictures.

Giulianna being bribed with animal crackers

They are growing up so fast. It is amazing that they are already going to be starting kindergarten. Before you know it we will be sitting at their high school graduations.

I think I’m finally starting to get my head back above water at work. So much to catch up on……..but I finally think my head is back in the game. It really wanted to stay on vacation a few more days (or years). Ah, but what ever would I do without work? Oh, I know I would keep caught up with everything else in my life that needs catching up on. I really need a beach day soon!

Happy Thursday everyone!! It’s almost Friday!

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