Vacation Recap Part III…….The Final Chapter…….Maybe

Ok……….so we didn’t get as early of a start on Wednesday morning as we wanted.   We started with loading the truck with all of the stuff I was taking back.  Somehow in a miracle I got exactly enough so that it could store in basically one layer which we covered with a tarp in case of rain.  Then we showered up and headed out.

It was a gorgeous morning and I was excited because Edward could get a good look at Pikes Peak on the way through Colorado Springs.  We had also heard that President Obama was flying in to give the commencement address at the Air Force Academy.   As we started into town there were lots of police cars around.

Then we noticed the traffic was getting lighter coming from the other way…….and lighter.  Then we saw that it was getting much lighter behind us.   The police were closing the road in anticipation of the President motorcade.  Lucky for us we got through before they closed the road heading South.

Sadly, our timing wasn’t perfect so we didn’t see the motorcade but we were thankful we didn’t get stuck in the traffic jam like we saw as we came out where they had the traffic stopped going North.  Yuck!

We had a goal for Wednesday and that was to drive to Utopia, TX and the cabin.   It was going to be a long day and we knew it.  Long it was………..

We waved goodbye to Colorado and hello again to New Mexico and sprinted for Texas.  Edward was thrilled to get out of the stupid highway speed limits of New Mexico and back to Texas where things are ‘normal’.

We even found a Godfathers Pizza along the way and a lovely West Texas sunset!

All in all we drove 16 1/2 hours……which is about 3 hours too long.  By the time we got to the cabin we were both exhausted and could hardly see anymore.  But we made it and it felt soooooo good to collapse into a comfy bed with our own sheets and no city noises around us.

 Instead we slept in late and woke up to the sounds of the babbling brook behind the cabin and the meows Pointer the Utopia Kitty who wanted breakfast.  We spent the next two days recovering from our travels, doing little more than napping and relaxing.  And drinking a few rum runners.  It was awesome!!!!

It was surprising how exhausted we both were.  Driving almost 2500 miles over 5 days takes a lot of of a person.  Hill Country is having it’s second round of wild flowers and everything was so pretty.  The bluebonnets have been replaced with summer flowers but the ditches and pastures were ablaze with color again.   The number of thistles this year was amazimg.

Saturday arrived all too soon and after breakfast athe Lost Maples Cafe we packed up and headed for home in Corpus.  It felt great to get home………..the cats were happy to see us and it felt so nice to lay down in our own bed.  Ok, Spooky and Rascal were happy to see us…….MommaCat had her nose pretty bent out of shape for a couple of days until she finally decided to forgive us.

Sunday we went to watch the Sandcrabs play in the Deep South Texas State Tournament.  We watched all three games on Sunday.  Emilio and Lilly ran crazy around the stands.  Emilio was playing the “I took your nose’ game with me all afternoon…….lol

The Sandcrabs plays good solid baseball and at the end of the day marked another championship win!!!!!

Monday we got things organized around the house…..finally.  Finished the laundry, bought groceries and got everything ready for heading to work on Tuesday morning.  In the evening we wrapped up vacation with a trip to the movies to see “Battleship”.   It was actually pretty entertaining and a good way to close out Memorial Day.

So there it is…..our vacation recap. We had a really wonderful time and I think we want to try to make an effort to travel a little more… that we know we can.  🙂

There is no place like home!



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One thought on “Vacation Recap Part III…….The Final Chapter…….Maybe

  1. Kicky

    No, really? 16 1/2 hours? No, really??? I could NOT do that. I would have to be drugged. Or totally entertained with sock puppets or something.

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