Vacation Recap Part II

Graduation day dawned with clouds, which was good news because the high temperatures were forecast to get into the mid-90’s.  We were willing to be happy with every second of clouds we could get.

My morning started with a trip to Wal-Mart for medicine for the head cold that appeared to take the place of the migraines.  Geee……thanks.  Apparently my body wasn’t happy about this trip.  After that I went to meet my ex at the storage facility to try to pick up a few of my things that I wanted to take back to Texas with me.  I’ll just summarize that this qualifies as the ugly part of the trip.  I did come home with all of my Christmas stuff.  (Ed is going to croak at Christmas when he sees exactly how much stuff there is.)

But then it was off to Denver University Ritchie Center for Commencement.  We finally met up with my Mom, Sister & Niece.  Thank goodness it was in an air-conditioned building because the sun was coming out and it was hot.

Rachel graduated with high academic honors and we are so proud of her!  She was a nervous wreck about the ceremony but she did great. Mom, on the other hand, was a weepy emotional puddle.  Thank goodness I packed plenty of tissues.


We celebrated with dinner out at Old Spaghetti Factory……Rachel’s pick where she got some of her gifts.  Then we went out to my sisters house……….the one nice thing my ex had done was put together a huge CD of family pictures.  We spent several hours sitting on the back deck looking through everything together and laughing over bad hair styles, outfits and faces.  Thankfully my Mom was able to add names to many of the old, old pictures.

All in all……it was a very nice graduation day.  Rachel has plans that will keep her busy most of the summer and she is starting a symphony orchestra this week.  I’m sure the summer will fly by until it’s time to leave for college.   She is nervous about going but we know she will do great!

We got back to the motel after 11 pm and went directly to bed.  With the stress of the trip over we both slept great which we needed.

Next up……the trip home.

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One thought on “Vacation Recap Part II

  1. Kicky

    Awwwwwwww…. I teared up too. What a wonderful event and your baby is grown up.

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