Vacation Recap Part I

So we already covered that we made it in one piece to Colorado and how I got to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant of all time.  Of. All. Time. Y’all.

So Monday was our sight-seeing day.  Rachel was going to go with us but she had a final choir practice that wouldn’t be finished until noon so Edward and I took a little drive around the city.

Edward standing by a life size replica of a brontosaurus. It’s 4 stories tall!

I decided to take him to City Park because it has a lovely view of the mountains and downtown.  I parked by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, a place that holds many fond memories.  When my kids were growing up my parents gave us a family membership each year for Christmas so we went to the museum…….a lot.   A whole lot.   I’m pretty sure at least once or twice a month.   It’s a wonderful museum and most importantly it’s air-conditioned!!!

Edward was impressed with the outdoor dinosaurs that sit next to the new parking garage……they are spoiling these people.  We used to have to get there before opening hour or run people over trying to get a parking place.  Lol!

Then we walked around behind the building to the beauty of City Park.  One of the things Denver has done well is it’s multiple outdoor spaces.  There are parks and walking paths all through the city and they are used by people all of the time. City Park is 330 acres and adjoins the Museum and Zoo.   It also has lovely views.

  It was a gorgeous cool morning and we really enjoyed taking a little walk.

By the time we finished looking around it was time to go to the school and get Rachel to head out on the rest of our adventure.  Our initial goal was Estes Park Colorado …….a picturesque village which is the home of the Stanley Hotel.  It was featured in the original ‘Shining’ and still looks the same.

It’s also right at the gates to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Since we only had a limited time to get Edward a real grasp of what mountains look like I wanted the most bang for our time.  Rocky Mountain National Park is the answer.    It is the home of the highest continuously paved road in the continental United States.

But to get to Estes Park we drove through Big Thompson Canyon……a granite filled sheer walled canyon that is lovely.  Edward was very impressed with it.  Big Thompson Canyon was the scene of a terrible flashflood in the 1976 that killed over 100 people.  Now there are signs throught that canyon that advise in the event of flood to ‘climb to safety”.  Probably not an easy thing with sheer rock walls.

We drove through Estes Park and Edward said that it was the prettiest small town he had ever seen.  It’s full of cute shops and we used to go up often for shopping.  But we were in a hurry to get to the mountains so we drove on to Rocky Mountain National Park.    As soon as we got inside the gate we saw a herd of elk enjoying the meadow and the first views of the spectacular scenery that was to come.

Then it was time to begin the drive up and up and up on a curvy road.  Every turn was filled with lovely views.

Edward isn’t a huge fan of heights……especially when he isn’t driving.  But I think he only started praying a few times……  It  wasn’t too long before we found snow along our journey and Edward got out to throw some snowballs.

 We also fed a few chipmunks saw several marmots and had a close encounter with a bird.

Eventually we crossed out of the timberline into the alpine tundra.  It’s a lovely place with gorgeous scenery and chilly…..chilly……temperatures.  And very little oxygen.

And we found a lot more snow!!!!  Edward says easily the most snow he has ever seen! We finally reached the top of the mountain and it was time to start back down.  It’s amazing how the drive up can take three hours but the trip down only takes 45 minutes.  We got back to Estes Park and looked for a few souveniers and finished the day with our family tradition……ICE CREAM!!  They have the best ice cream.

It was an amazing fun day.  We had a blast!!!!!  By the time we got back to town it was dark and we were all exhausted.

Up next……Graduation Day!!!



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