Greetings From A Mile High

Good Morning from sunny Colorado!  We have arrived safe and sound at long last.

We left bright and early Saturday  morning under humid and warm conditions not sure how far we would get that day.  I love road trips and have made many of them in my life but this would easily be the longest trip Edward and I have taken together.

The drive on Saturday was mostly uneventful.  Lots of Texas skies and plain.  Wind turbines dotted the horizon.   It is amazing how much different type of country there is in Texas.  Its also amazing how long it takes to drive across it!!!!

All was well until late afternoon when I started to not feel well.  I’m not sure if it was a mild migraine or a panic attack of a combination of both but I was feeling pretty crappy.  So after stopping for dinner (which I couldn’t eat) Edward decided we had driven far enough and that I needed a little rest.  So we found a nice motel just before the Texas border and went to bed.

Sunday morning dawned and I felt 1,000% better.  It was a chilly 50 degrees in Delhar, Tx and it felt wonderful!  We headed out into New Mexico to finish our drive.

The drive across New Mexico seemed to take FOREVER!  Their speed limits are stupid and slow down all the time for no apparant reason.  Edward didn’t believe me that all the rocks we were seeing were volcanic rocks.  But then we saw a sign for a Capulin Volcano and decided to stop in.

Capulin Volcano is an extinct volcano that is considered one of the best preserved examples of a cone volcano.  After watching a film about it we took the two mile drive to the top.  It was two miles of windy road with no guard rails and a straight down drop that even gave me anxiety!  I’m pretty sure if we could have had a place to turn around Edward would have done it!!!  Lol!

But once we finally got to the top without dying it was worth the trip.  The views went on forever and off in the far far distance Ed saw the Rockies for the first time!   We even took the short and super steep hike to the bottom of the cone where the vent of the volcano was!  I’m very glad we stopped.

Then it was back in the car and time to finish the trip.  I took over driving after crossed into Colorado.  We could see the mountains but the high peaks had a lot of clouds because of afternoon thunderstorms.

I had forgotten how horrible the traffic is here.   OMG……75 bumper to bumper two inches from the guy in front of you.  But we made it to the hotel!!!!

Rachel called just as we arrived and her dad brought her over.  He and Edward too meet for the first time too.    Then it was off to my all time favorite Mexican restaurant for buy one get one free happy hour and my favorite dinner!!!!!!!!   It was great to see Rachel again and she was thrilled to see us!

Today it’s Rocky Mountain National Park day!!!!!!   I’m so excited!  Time to head out!

Happy Monday!

(More pictures when I have a few more minutes or an internet connection that moves faster than molassas in January!)


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One thought on “Greetings From A Mile High

  1. Kicky

    Awwwwww. //love

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