Only Three Days Until The Weekend!

Finally it’s hump day!!!   This is a busy week…….I have about a billion things to get done at work and a bazillion billion to get done at home.   And so far I haven’t managed to finish any of it.  In fact at home I haven’t even started.   Oh well……I suppose it will all get done eventually.

Yesterday afternoon about 4 pm a semi-trailer managed to have an accident that required our main road through Corpus be closed.

Cool huh?   Edward and I have been carpooling to work together this week and traffic was still stopped when we got to the area.   So Edward jumped off and tried to work our way home on back roads.

Unfortunately so did everyone else and their mother.  Traffic was terrible and slow.  I really hate traffic.   After an hour we ended up close to Politics and decided having a drink while we let traffic clear out was a good idea.

It was a great idea!!!!  Margaritas on a Tuesday!!  Edward always knows how to destress me.

We had a couple of drinks and unwound from a stressful day.   By the time we finally started home traffic was much improved.

Its late so I have to get working……….might have a chance to add a little bit later…..but in case I don’t,  Have a great Wednesday Everyone!!

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