Drip Drop Drip


Happy Rainy Tuesday!!!!

We have had rain this morning and it looks like a lit more is on the way. I wish I were at home smuggled into bed listening to the rain in the roof instead of at work though.

But at least it has cooled off. Finally feels nice outside.


Our cats can tell time. They know when it’s breakfast time, dinner time and bedtime.

The other night Edward and I stayed up late and when we finally got to the bedroom Mommacat and Rascal had already staked out their spots looking at us.

I told Ed it was like a Buc Day parade……if Mommacat had thumbs she would be writing her name in chalk on her spot. And once she has a spot there is no convincing her to move. Ever.

She just looks at us like……..I was here first you can work around me.

And on week nights when it’s time for me to go to bed she follows me around the house until I finally lay down.

Love those cats! Well I’m not so find of Spooky today who snagged a baby bird last night. Sigh.

Lilly has a kickball game tonight so if the weather cooperates we will get to see the girls! Yay!

Ok back to work. Happy Tuesday!


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