Full Moon Arisin’

Hope that everyone had a good weekend!  I’m rested, refreshed and ready to get this work week finished!!! Ok, thats not completely true……I’m tired from everything I did yesterday and I’m really NOT ready to go to work.

Friday evening we met Keith and Susan at Railroad Station for dinner.  As we understand it the chef there used to work at Kings Inn which is a restaurant about 90 minutes south of town on Baffin Bay.  The menu is supposed to be almost identical.

I think I may have a new favorite seafood restaurant!!!!

The avocado salad was wonderful and the fried shrimp was to die for!!!   The only thing I wasn’t impressed with were the margaritas……they were so-so at best.  But everything else made up for it!

We had a very pleasant evening with good friends.   We didn’t stay out too late however because Edward had plans to go fishing with his brothers at the crack of dawn.

When the alarm went off at 5 am I got out of bed (ok dragged myself out of bed) with him and made chorizo, egg and potato breakfast tacos to take on the way.  Edward said his brother snarffed them down and said they were really good asked where had he gotten them.  Edward told him ‘at a little restaurant called home’.  I’m glad that they enjoyed them.

Sadly, the weather didn’t turn out to be fantastic for fishing.  It was a lot choppier than they expected and the current was really strong.  Even worse, the fish didn’t seem to be biting.  Edward caught a couple of cat fish but that was about it for the day.  😦   He said there were lots of people out and no one was catching anything.  But they still had a nice time.

For my part after I sent them out the door I did the most logical thing I could do……I went back to bed.   Once they got everything all washed up and put away Edward was ready for a nap and wanted me to lay down with him.   So I got another nice nap in .   There isn’t much better than snuggles on Saturday afternoon and I finally felt rested.

After we woke up it was time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!   We headed into town for dinner and fought the traffic.  Now, I know the traffic we have here is nothing compared with many other places but it still drives me crazy.  As we were inching along Edward mentioned how glad he was that we didn’t live ‘in town’ and I sure agree.  I don’t think I could stand to live in the center of all of that again.  I love being able to run to the grocery store  or Walmart with out fighting hundreds of other cars. 

We decided on Kiko’s for dinner.  It’s a pretty popular Mexican restaurant here in town.   Since we went to dinner a little early we arrived just a head of the big dinner rush and only had to wait a short time for a table.  Their margaritas were much better than Railroad Station.    Mmmmmmmmmmmm!We had a pleasant dinner even though they didn’t have beerita’s like Edward really wanted.   By the time we finished and left the wait for a table was much, much longer.

The clouds had rolled in around sunset so we didn’t have much hope of getting to see the Super Moon.  That seems to be par for the course for us…..I didn’t catch one glimpse of the one last year either.  So we decided to watch movies and have cocktails at home.   But around 9 pm I stepped outside and the clouds had cleared and we had a wonderful view of the very pretty moon! 

My camera did a surprisingly good job of taking pictures from quite a distance.  I was impressed!

Sunday morning arrived all too fast and it was time to get things ready for the week.  We expect to be out of town for the next two or three weekends  so I wanted to get as much in order as I could.  But we started the day out for breakfast and then home to get to work.

I worked my fanny off all day……cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, more cleaning…………by 8 pm I was worn out and ready to go directly to bed.  The only thing we didn’t get done was setting up the swimming pool.

Next weekend is Utopia weekend and I can’t wait.  Looking at the weather forecast it might not be warm enough to spend any time in the river but it should be spectacular weather.  Keith and Susan are joining us this trip so it should be fun.   Just have to get through this week……and it will be time to relax.

Have a good week everyone!

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