The Sun Is Shinning, The Birds Are Singing & It’s Almost FRIDAY

After my cranky mood yesterday I pulled out all the stops……I ate healthy, limited myself to only a couple of diet sodas, drank plenty of water and (as clear evidence how desperate I was…….) worked out.

This is shocking news so I’ll take a second for everyone to compose themselves.

I actually finished work, changed into workout clothes and got on the treadmill and WALKED. Just a couple of miles but it felt pretty good.

After I finished I drove toward home and I met Edward at Walmart. I had to make a deposit at the bank and he had a code for a free movie and we happened to be there about the same time. We decided to go out for dinner so he could catch me up on a laundry list of family news…some sad and some surprising and some shocking. Looks like 2012 could turn out to be a very interesting year .

The best part of dinner out was I didn’t have to wash any dishes afterwards!!! Plus the pleasant buzz from the margarita really relaxed me.

I’m not sure what helped more…..the exercise, the margarita, just having a nice dinner with my baby or the early bedtime but my mood is improved today. I think everyone is thankful for that. If they aren’t thankful then I did a really good job of hiding my snarling.

Ok…..lets finish Thursday and get on to the weekend! One more week until we go to Utopia. Have a great day everyone!

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One thought on “The Sun Is Shinning, The Birds Are Singing & It’s Almost FRIDAY

  1. Kicky

    Yay for treadmill time and de-cranking!!!

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