Black Flag Alert

Oh my goodness have I been a crabby Amy this week. I’m so cranky I don’t even want to be around myself.

So what is annoying me you ask? Every. Blessed. Thing. I could try to write a list but it would be far too long.

And when I don’t feel like snapping people’s necks I want to lay down and cry. Mostly for no good reason.

Or dive into a vat of chocolate or wine ……..preferably both.

I hardly ever suffer from pms (in fact the last time was over six years ago) but for whatever reason it has slammed me hard this week………..and I don’t like it one bit.

Please lord let this be finished soon!! Very soon………….

The weather isn’t helping my mood either. It’s hot and soooooo muggy. The windows on the house were all wet. Edward even hosed down my car before I left so I could see. You northerners deal with frost and we deal with condensation. Yuck


Oh well……..this too shall pass

Happy hump day!


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