Happy May Day!

“When April steps aside for May, Like diamonds ll the rain-drops glisten; Fresh violets open every day: To some new bird each hour we listen.”          –  Lucy Larcom

Happy May Day everyone!

We found out yesterday afternoon that Lillyanna had a kickball game in the evening.   I had taken the truck and since I was already halfway to Alice Edward suggested that I go over to the game.  So at the end of the day I packed up and drove over to the game

I got to the field a couple of minutes before Lilly, Vanessa, Giulianna and David arrived.  When Lilly saw me there she gave the most excited squeal and sprinted over to give me a GIANT hug.   No matter what kind of day I’ve had seeing Lilly always makes me smile!

Giulianna of course took one look at me and burst into hysterical tears.  Sigh but her Mommy got her a hot dog and she cheered up.  She has another cold and is cutting some new teeth so she doesn’t want anyone but her Mom and that includes her Dad.  He tried to take her for a bit and she just cried and cried.

Lilly played a good game with a couple of strong kicks…….even into the wind.  She is also fielding well.

I finally trudged through the door to the house around 7:30-……..long day but worth it to see the girls even if it was just for a little while.

Well today is my long, busy Tuesday.  Time to get ready for my meeting….have a good Tuesday!


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