Only 40 Hours Of Work Until The Weekend!

I hate how Monday is so far away from Friday and Friday is so damn close to Monday.  –Author Unknown

I’m trying to look on the bright side anyway….

Darn this wind for messing up our outdoor plans on yet another weekend.   There is so many things that we want to do but the weather hasn’t been cooperative in weeks.

We spent another pretty quiet weekend at home.  You know, it’s weird…… general I don’t mind it one tiny bit.   Edward gets to putter around working on his projects, I get the housework caught up and everything ready for the week and we are well rested and ready.  Most importantly we get to spend the weekend together.

Saturday was housework, yardwork, haircut day.  Very exciting.  Then late in the afternoon Edward suggested making a couple cocktails and taking a drive to the beach.  I’m always up for the beach!!!!   Wow, the beach conditions were the worst we have seen in ages!   The tide was very high so the driving conditions were terrible.  Add to that seaweed and wood all over the beach and it wasn’t pretty.

There were advisories out for rip currents and it was scary how many people were at the beach with little kids playing in the surf.  It was an angry sea!  I think many people don’t understand how much power water has and how little water it takes to knock someone down.    We sat and people watched for a while but it made us nervous so eventually we started toward home.

All we can do is hope that conditions get better before beach season really arrives.  I need a beach day bad!

When we have windy conditions like we have had,  the wind typically dies down over night and doesn’t start picking back up until 10 or 11 am the next day.  So we decided to get up bright and early on Sunday and take the kayaks out for a spin right at dawn.    We were all ready to go.

The cats woke me up about 4 am wanting to go outside and when I looked out the wind was still blowing at a good rate.  I knew then there probably wasn’t much of a chance of us taking out the yaks.   The alarm went off at 5:45 and I just told Edward to check the wind……….sigh………then it was back to bed for us.

Well, we tried to go back to bed.    MommaCat hates it when we try to sleep in and does everything in her power to get us up.  But we did fall back to sleep and snuggled for a while.

When we got up we went out for a late breakfast and ran a couple of errands before heading home.

Apple-Lite got her graduation announcements.  I still can’t wrap my head around the idea of her going away to college next year.   At this point she has decided on Colorado State University in Pueblo and is starting to feel pretty nervous about it.

I wish I could keep her in high school forever where she is safe and protected.  Having her grow up is hard!

Time to get some more work done.  Have a good week!

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