Counting Down To Friday

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well our fabulous spring weather is on it’s way out……..the low clouds, humidity and wind are back. Sigh, oh well it was nice whle it lasted. Time for summer to begin. The picture above was the sunrise yesterday morning, a fairly pretty one. I enjoy watching the sun come up on my drive.

One bad effect of our rain is that we have mosquitos this year. It was so nice last year to not have to worry about them. They are flying all over and seem to really like snacking on me. I didn’t miss them last year and I’m not loving them this year.

And they love to bite me…….probably because I’m so sweet. .

We got new spring school pictures of Lilly and Tball pictures of Emilio. These copies aren’t great because we haven’t gotten them scanned but you can still see how adorable they are.

They are at the age where they are changing and looking so grown up. All the sudden we can start to see what they will look like when they are teenagers.

Vanessa sent a text today telling Edward that Lilly wanted to go fishing on the kayaks with us. We did have a very good time when we took her to Garner with us last year. So, I guess when we find a good weekend to go to the lake we will take her along.

Time to get some more work done…..have a good Thursday !

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