Better Late Than Never!

I know I’m late today………we were out with friends kind of late last night and I walked into 22 emails this morning.  Needless to say there wasn’t a free moment all day.    Thank goodness it’s over and I’m home with my love and a glass (or two….possibly three) of wine.

After all the rain on Friday the skies cleared and we have had nothing less than fantastic weather these past few days.  Brilliant clear blue skies, low humidity and not a cloud in sight.  Each morning it feels like fall and it’s a pleasure to be out in it.  And it’s been great for snuggling in.

Last night we got a last minute invitiation to join friends at the Hooks game and it was actually chilly!   Edward even broke out the blanket so we could snuggle.   It was a really fun game with a rowdy crowd.

The best part was the 8th inning when everyone ganged up to drive the other teams pitcher to distraction by yelling stuff at him…..and it worked!!  Kristina and I laughed so much we cried.  (Don’t forget to check 2nd!!!)  Fabulous weather, easy conversation and laughter.  It was a fun evening……even if it was a Monday.

And they played our song a whole bunch of times!!

Isn’t that the most romantic song possible?  And yes, I’m not joking……that is really our song.

Time for an early ‘bedtime’…….Ahhhhhh life is good!!!!

Have a good evening!!

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