Friday……woohoooo! Although I can’t really complain, it feels like this week just flew by. I’m looking forward to a weekend at home though. Its time to get caught up on things and get extra sleep.

Last night we went out second Hooks game of the season. Edward picked me up from work and we went to Brewster Street for dinner before hand. The last time we went to a Hooks game we got dinner from the Whataburger inside the field and it cost a small fortune. We went to Brewsters for a nice dinner with cocktails and it a lot less money.

After dinner we went to the game and went to the Cotton Club for a drink beforehand. Ahhhh……love the benefits of season tickets!.

Guess which drink is mine.........

Edward and little Edward joined us for the game. It was a perfect evening for baseball……couldn’t ask for a more pretty evening. However the game itself wasn’t so pretty. The Hooks were badly defeated but they did manage to get 10 strike outs. Free Tacos!!!! Even in a bad game though we can manage to have fun together.

Weathermen say that we might get some more storms today. I know we could use a little more rain but I hope that we don’t see anything severe. Always exciting to have thunderstorms at work.

It’s supposed to be cool this weekend so a beach day is out and it is supposed to be breezy so probably no kayaking either. We have talked about watching the sunrise on the water so we will see. Rodeo on Sunday and who knows what in between.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!


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