Spectacular Mornings

I adore weather like this.   The nasty cold front that came through on Monday cleared out all of the humidity and blessed us with cool nights and pleasant days.

We opened the windows in the house last evening because it was so cool and dry and it felt downright chilly when we got up this morning.  Walking out into the golden sunshine and listening to the birds sing makes a person happy to be alive.    It feels just like an early summer morning, which it is for us.   Summer hits us early down here.   We have already started watering the grass and the spring flowers are already giving way to their summer cousins.

I wish we could play hookey and go out in the kayaks this morning…..it would be a perfect morning for it.   Of course the wind is coming back just in time for the weekend so we won’t be able to go out this weekend either.

Last evening we ordered tickets to the Bucaneer Days Rodeo for Sunday.  Emilio was picked to do the mutton busting and he is very excited about it.    That little guy is a fearless  five year old!

Thanks to the weather we didn’t get my car window fixed until Tuesday.   But it’s finally done and somehow Edward managed to get a really good deal on it.    Even though it’s fixed Edward has still driven me to work the last few days.  Yesterday he was on his way to Kingsville and dropped me off was on the way.

Tonight we are going to the Hooks game……and its going to be a lovely evening for it.  We decided going directly there from work would give us a chance to go to Brewsters for a ‘real’ meal instead of paying an arm and a leg inside the ball park.   Plus it’s Thirsty Thursday!

Time to get some work done….have a good Thursday!

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