Welll It Sure Was Friday The 13th………….

I think there is only one thing to say to wrap up today…………..HOLY FUCK!!!!  What a day!!!!

To be fair it started ok enough…….well, at least for about the first 90 minutes anyway.  And it even had a pretty sunrise.

My first clue that it was going to be a not awesome day was when I sliced my finger open on the blade from the food processor when I was washing the dishes I was too tired to do last night.  Blood all over.  Yuck.

So as I was driving down the freeway to work enjoying the pretty morning suddenly something on the roadway kicked up and hit the passenger side window behind me…….shattering it into a billion pieces in an instant.

Well, thats the way to get get you heart started.  Clearly it should have been a sign that I should just go home and go to bed.  But because I am a dedicated person I went on to the office.

The guys at work took one look at the damage and declared it…..pretty messed up.  Then they suggested that I should be thankful my husbands girlfriends don’t have better aim………lol.

And its going to set us back more than a pretty penny to have it fixed too.


Then I got work and were slammed with a project that should have taken me a week to put together and was given something like 5 hours to do it.  WTF?????  In case you are curious….I solve puzzles for a living.  I have people who need stuff, stuff we currently have, stuff coming in and I have to figure out how to get everyone the stuff they need when they need it.

Through some miracle……..and skipping lunch…..I finished the project with moments to spare.

Now I’m home and the only thing that sounds good is a nice big huge strong glass of wine.

At least tomorrow has to be better………right???????????


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One thought on “Welll It Sure Was Friday The 13th………….

  1. Kicky

    OMGoodness! I am glad you are ok. The incident on the road could have been much worse. You relax and have a lot of wine this weekend. Dr. Kicky prescribes it.


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