Oh Happy Day!

My baby and my computer are both at home under the same roof again!!!!!!!! Of course I’m happier to have Edward home than my computer but I’m happy to have both of them. It made for a super nice evening at home!!!!! 🙂

I really picked a busy week to not have access to blogging though……….probably too much to catch everyone up on. So I’ll just post a photo montage and let you see what we did. It was a good week and a wonderful Easter! We did the traditional bbq of brisket, sausage, cole slaw and beans. We slept in late and had a lazy day until the kids came over.

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Edward said the greatest thing about doing Easter the way we do is that we have a quiet day together and then everyone shows up in mass for a couple hours of chaos and then they all leave. And it was chaos!!!!!! The kids went crazy with the cascarones and freaked out the cats.


They all loved their baskets and Guili liked the baby doll we got her. Then she displayed her walking skills by taking the seashells off our tray one at a time! Then she sat happily on my lap and ate an entire chocolate bunny. She did share a couple of bites with me but not many.

Lilly, Edward and Emilio chased each other around the back yard smashing eggs and making a royal mess. But it was a fun evening. It’s a blessing to have all the grandkids close enough to see them as often as we do. Even when the schedule gets a little over whelming.

I’m not sure what we be doing this weekend but at least we will be together and not working! Yay!!!!!

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend! Talk to you on Monday!

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