One Day Down………


Last evening Edward picked me up in Robstown and we drove to Alice for one of Lillyanna’s kickball games. It was warm, muggy and W I N D Y. On the drive over the dust was so thick blowing off the fields that I couldn’t believe we had gotten rain just that morning. Not a pretty day at all.

We got to the kickball field right as the game started and had the chance to see Giulianna walking for the first time. What a little cutie she is!!! She toddled after Vanessa as fast as she could, falling down in the process. Of course the minute she saw us she burst into tears and refused to be comforted by anyone except her Mommy. And Edward even tried bribing her with Cheetos! I tell you, that kid can really give a person a complex.

The girls were kicking into a stiff head wind and all that blowing dirt so that made it difficult to make any real good kicks. But everyone had fun and Lilly played a good game.

After the game was over we went to dinner with Vanessa and the girls. The instant we got Giulianna into a high chair she turned from a clingy Momma’s girl into an extroverted best friend to anyone willing to share their food and/or drinks. Grandpa was sitting beside her so he was her BFF! He shared his tortilla chips and soda and she couldn’t have been a more charming little girl.

She played peek a boo with me and even smiled and giggled. Lilly, of course ran up and hugged me and wanted to come home with us. We promised her she could come over sometime soon and we would bake cookies and play.

We had a tasty mexican dinner at El Charro and caught up with them for a while. We talked a little bit about Easter plans and I’m sure we will get to see the girls that day.

We didn’t get home until after 9 pm which made it a long day. A very long day especially losing sleep the night before because of the storm. Another evening of showers to clean off the dirt before bedtime along with a glass of vino to relax.

Time to get busy at work…………..Emilio has a baseball game tonight and Lilly has another kickball game. I think we are going to watch Emilio tonight and see the girls this weekend. But with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon we could also end up at home. Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!

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