Welcome to April!

The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent.  ~Sam Levenson

Well……it’s April and that means that the grandkids spring sports season is now in full-fledged, keep Amy & Popo running all over town.  I apologize in advance, this is going to be a long picture heavy post.  My camera really got a workout this weekend!!!!!

Friday evening started at Emilio’s T-ball game at Southside.  It turned out to be a breezy cool evening at the field.  It had been so hot when we left the house that we neglected to take jackets………and we ended up shivering through the game.  Emilio was so excited to be playing.  Oh, to have his energy.

He hit a  homerun during his first at bat.  It was a good game but they played a team who had one little girl who was excellent.  It was fun, as these games always are.

Saturday turned out to be an If we had tried to plan it it wouldn’t have worked out day”.  Edward promised to take me out wildflower looking again.  He was in the area of Goliad TX on Thursday and said that the flowers there were really pretty.   And you know how I enjoy the wildflowers!   So we got and headed north in the later morning.

When we got to the area around Texas South Wind Vineyard there was a gorgeous group of bluebonnets and indian paint brushes.  As we pulled over  to take some photos a truck pulled up behind us and a couple got out saying “hello Ed & Amy”!!!!   I didn’t recognize them at first but Edward did.

We have a Facebook friend who we found out had a childhood friend who now lives in Corpus.  We became FB friends with Sandra but had never met her face to face.  On Saturday she and her boyfriend, Bruce were out doing what we were doing looking at the pretty fields and realized it was us and stopped to say hello.  Out in the middle of Texas nowhere!!!    We chatted with them for a few minutes, took some pictures and said our goodbyes.

We continued down the road toward Goliad enjoying all of the spectacular flowers and Edward stopped a million times so I could take pictures of lots and lots of them.  It was a gorgeous day, although it felt much more like summer than spring.  It was a sultry day and the birds were singing and bees and butterflies were buzzing all over.  I could have sat in those fields for hours just listening to nature.

This is a basket flower....not a thistle as I always thought.

We got to Goliad  right about lunchtime and stopped at the Emprisario Restaurant.   What a charming little place!  We had just settled in and ordered when guess who walked through the door?  Yep, Sandra and Bruce.  So they joined us and we had a very nice lunch together before parting ways again. 

Edward and I spent some time after lunch doing something else we enjoy.  Poking around antique stores.   It’s always fun to see what we can find and on this day I found a wonderful bluebonnet painting that I wanted to buy.   But it was NOT in the budget on this day.  Then I went into another room and found this:

Quite easily the scariest baby doll EVAH!!!!   She actually made me jump when I saw her.   She is a china doll with china hands and feet.  And even more frightening was that they wanted $125 for her.  Oh my!!!!!!!  Ed said this is what it looks like when Cabbage Patch dolls go bad.  Some other friends just call it Chuckie.  Needless to say we did not take her home.

After that we started the trip home through Beeville.  The certainly are not as many bluebonnets this year as there have been in years past but we did see some.  By Beeville we finally found a good batch of winecups, which are Edwards favorite wildflower.

We pulled back into town right at 4 pm, which was perfect because Little Edward was playing in a tournament in town and had a game at 4:3o.  So we got to the field just in time.   Most of the SandCrab tournaments recently have been out of town so we hadn’t seen they play in a while.  Saturday was the seeding and the tournament brackets on Sunday.

We watched the first game which the Sandcrabs won and then there was a two-hour break until the next game.  Two hours sound like a lot but  it really wasn’t enough time to go home and come back so we stayed.   Sandcrabs were having a grilled turkey leg and corn on the cob fund-raiser so we hung out in that area.

Emilio was being a silly goose and helped to entertain us.   He was posing for me and wanted to know if I had games on my phone (which on this day I didn’t) and ran around like crazy.

 The SandCrabs won the second game as well, and went into the tournament brackets on Sunday undefeated!!   By the time we got home it was after 8 pm and we were all dirty from the dust blowing in the air.   The only thing we wanted to do was take showers, open a bottle of wine and have a late snack of cheese, crackers and grapes before bedtime.   Which is exactly what we did.

The first game on Sunday started at 10:30.  So it was a quick morning at home and we headed out.  This day we were much better prepared with a sunshade, sodas and my kindle.   They won the first game in an easy fashion with a few home runs.

We had another long break before the second game but with my Kindle I was prepared.  We sat in the truck with the ac on and I read.   Then Edward, Rosie, Edward and Emilio joined us for a while to cool off.   Emilio was very excited to find out that the Kindle had not only books but games!!!!  He had a lot of fun playing with them.

Once the games started he ran back and forth between the groups of grandparents being a silly goose.

The Sandcrabs won the second game as well and there was an inning where they hit 4 home runs in a row.  It was like a home run hitting contest and we were constantly ducking balls.  The it was on to the Championship game!    During that game Emilio somehow convinced me to download Angry Birds onto my phone……but not the free one……he wanted Angry Bird in Space!!!!!   And since I am the most awesome grandma ever I happily handed over the $.99 to make him happy!

He spent a good portion of that game sitting on either my lap or Popo’s playing with my phone.  He also looked at my arms ( I was wearing a tank top) and wanted to know what all those brown spots on my arms were…….lol.  Apparently he hasn’t seen many freckles and looked kind of confused as I tried to explain them to him.   His skin is so dark compared to me and  I’m sure he will probably never get a burn or develop a freckle.

 The Sandcrabs won the Championship in a reasonably easy fashion.  They had a little bit of a rough patch in the middle of the game but when it counted their big bats and defense pulled them through.  They are an impressive group of 7 year olds.

Games wrapped up around 6 pm and it was back home for more cleaning up and relaxing before heading off to another busy week.

To recap:  Tball on Friday night, baseball on Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight we have Lilly’s kickball game, Tuesday evening Emilio has tball.  I think we might actually be at home on Wednesday evening but Thursday night is the Corpus Christi Hooks season opener.    Yikes, its going to be a busy week!!

We had a wonderful weekend full of lots of time with my honey.  He is a sweetheart and spending time with him makes me soooo happy.  But now it’s time to get working.  Busy week at work too……….thats not as much fun.

Have a great week everyone! 

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