Stormy Weather

Happy, Happy, Friday!!

We had one heck of a stormy Thursday.   There were thundstorms in the area in the morning but it cleared up nicely during the day.  Then about 4:30 we were working away and heard noise outside.  It sounded a lot like pipe moving (which happens often) so we didn’t think too much of it…..until the power went out.

Right in the middle of creating a new spreadsheet that (of course ) I hadn’t managed to save yet.  The power came right back on and the thunder got louder and louder.   Right at 5 pm the power went out again and clearly that was a sign from God that I should just give up and go home.  So I grabbed my stuff and ran for the car……..hoping to beat the rain.  I made it without getting wet and just ahead of the wind blowing up the dirt from the outflow boundry of the storm.

I didn’t get 1/4 mile down the road when the torrential downpour started along with hail.  And more hail.  And more rain.   I got to Valero and pulled in to wait out the bulk of the storm. (along with lots of people who had the same idea)  The hail wasn’t large but it was coming down with force.

It poured for quite a while.  Before it let up enough so I could get home.

I have lived on nasal spray during this miserable allergy season.  All was well until…….suddenly I realized not only could I not smell anything but I couldn’t taste anything either.

Well crap.

Time to get the monkey off my back… yesterday I went cold turkey off the nasal spray.

I almost died.

Oh my lord it was a terrible day.   I didn’t know my head could get so stuffed up and stay that way.  Not only could I not taste my lunch I couldn’t breath to eat.     I blew and snuffed and blew and snuffed and prayed for it to get better all darn day long.

And you know what?

Eventually it did.  By late afternoon it was better…….not great but better.    By dinner time I could taste most food!    Today I think I am over the hump and on my way to actually feeling like a human being again.    Yippe….just in time for the weekend!

Not sure what we are going to do this weekend. Emilio has a t-ball game this evening.     If the weather is good we want to go kayaking again,might go to a movie and I’d like to see how the wildflowers are progressing.   And Easter is next weekend so we need to take care of the Easter baskets for the grandkids.  Should be a fun weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  See you Monday!

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