Yippie For The First Sunburn Of The Season!

I love the weekends.  I hate for them to end.   I hope everyone had a fun weekend enjoying the spring weather.

Edward was really fighting a cold last week.  The doctor gave him a prescription for some new fancy cough syrup that we now affectionately call “Zombie Syrup” .   Friday evening he took a hit of syrup and was sound asleep by 9:30 and I joined him pretty shortly thereafter.   It wasn’t a restful  night…….he tossed and turned and turned and tossed.  But woke up bright and early Saturday morning full of energy and ready to take on the day.

By 7:30 he had dragged me out of bed and was off to get the oil changed in the truck while I got caught up on house work at home.   The oil change took a while so I was (thankfully) done cleaning when he got home.  Lillyanna had her first kickball game of the season so we left about noon to make the drive to Alice Texas.

Since Lilly has played t-ball before she had a pretty good understanding of the game but a good chunk of the girls there didn’t.  Lol…..it was entertaining to say the least.    Boy was it toasty warm over there too.   The girls all had red faces and were sweaty by the time they finished.  Lilly scored two runs!  YAY Lilly!

Love the form!!!

Giulianna was in one of her moods.  She took one look at Edward and me and burst into tears.   I think she was afraid that we were going to steal her snacks.   She was finally calmed down with a lollipop followed by some Cheetos.

All that activity was enough for Edward.   He fell asleep in the truck on the drive back and was ready for a nap the minute we got home.  Since he had tossed and turned so much the night before I was ready for a nap too!   I love naps.   There is something so wonderfully decadent about snuggling together and resting.   Even Mommacat came and snuggled.

That pretty much wrapped up Saturday.  We watched some movies and relaxed in the evening before going to bed at a reasonable time.

Sunday was a gorgeous morning so after breakfast it was time to take both kayaks out together for the first time.    We went to Packery Channel and the water was so pretty it felt like we were in the Caribbean instead of Corpus Christi.  With just light winds it was the perfect day to be on the water.  The water was cool but not cold…..in fact in some places it was actually warm.   I guess it’s BEACH SEASON!!

My only real-time in the kayak was on the dam at Garner so this was my first real ‘official’ outing.   I was a little nervous but I got the hang of things pretty quickly.   Edward fished and I paddled around and around.    (Wow, are my arms feeling that this morning!!!!!)

Somehow I managed to leave the house without sunblock.  NOT SMART.  I wore a long sleeved fishing shirt so my arms are fine. and I had moisturizer with some sunscreen in it on my face so my nose is just a little pink.  But my poor, poor legs are red and sore.  But hey, at least I have some color!

i have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time on the water this year.  Its good quality time and exercise to boot.

A few hours on the water pretty much finished us off for the day.  We came home, ate a late lunch, cleaned everything up and were ready for more naps.   And more naps we took.

It was a nice weekend.  Nothing too exciting but still very very nice.

Today I get to go and meet my new boss.  I know……six weeks in and I was just adjusting to the old one and they decided he needed to be in Houston and are bringing in someone new here.  But I’m nothing if not adaptable.  Lilly has another kickball game tonight……we might attend that.

Time to head out into the fog and get to work.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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