Happy First Day Of Spring!!!

I wish I could say that I love spring…….but down here in South Texas I’m not a fan.  Clouds, wind and damp weather isn’t fun.  Yessterday the wind was howling all day and the drive home was definately a ‘two hands on the wheel’ kind of a a drive.  Rascal woke me up around 5 am and I’m completely stuffed up again this morning and even drove Edward to the guest room last night………yuckie.  I am really tired of not feeling good.   I couldn’t get back to sleep so I moved Edward back to the big bed.  Then I checked the radar and saw this:

I know San Antonio got some storms last evening and it looks like it’s our turn, just in time for the drive to work.  So I decided to be a little proactive and take a shower just in case we lost electricity.  Now it’s only 5:45 and I’m showered and ready to take on the day!  I’m just hoping these storms let up before I have to leave for the office.  I’ve loaded up on allergy medicine and nasal spray so hopefully my head will start to feel better soon.

So Sunday evening I threw a load of lights in the washing machine as Edward and I were settling in for a little relaxation.  A couple of hours later……right before 10 pm I went out to the garage to put them in the dryer.  As I stepped into the garage I stepped into ankle-deep water.

WTF????? ( I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it because it was really classic) I was yelling to Edward to come help and couldn’t make any real sense.

Apparently our washing machine decided Sunday  was the perfect time to bite the dust and it didn’t register that the washer was full and continued to add water non-stop for almost two hours.  Holy crap was that a mess!   Edward and I spent over an hour with brooms and a blower trying to convince all that water to leave the garage willingly……….UGH.    All the while trying hard not to fall on our asses.

Neither of us were very happy campers that’s for sure.   But we worked together and got the majority of the mess cleaned up.  By yesterday morning the floor was mostly dry and it doesn’t look like we lost too much stuff to the water.     Plus as a nice bonus we have another washing machine that we were waiting to use so at least we have a backup in place.

Not the way I wanted to wrap up our fantastic weekend.  But we lived through it and now the garage floor is SUPER clean!!!!

I got home from work yesterday and Edward surprised me with a very fun present………a new white IPhone 4S just for me!  It’s too cool and I’m having a lot of fun trying out all the fun stuff.   He even got me a nice white cover to protect it.  I’m so excited to finally get one of my own.   We didn’t want to go through the hassle of waiting to change my number so I got a new number but that isn’t a bit deal.  One mass text message should catch everyone up…….I hope and if it doesn’t then they probably don’t really need my number…….lol.    Edward made sure he was number one in my contacts list.

I love getting presents!   🙂

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One thought on “Happy First Day Of Spring!!!

  1. Kicky

    Was the water in the garage a ploy to try out the Kayak?

    Is there a reason I, the love of your life, have not received your new phone number?

    Did you see my big news about my new purchase?


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