Ok, Who Said The Fog Could Come Back????

Not me!!!!  Come on, we saw the sun for like three hours on Sunday for the first time in several days and already the fog is back.  I was amazed when I got out of bed yesterday to see how thick it was.  Plus since it was still dark it made for a fairly unfun drive to work. On the bright side with all the local schools on spring break there was much, much less traffic than usual.  That is always a bonus during school vacations and summer.

As I drove through Robstown (telling myself to remember that the speed limit is 55 the whole way because every.single.morning.  they have someone stopped there) I saw a police car on the North bound  side of the road with his lights on, many, many lights…..I continued down and saw another police car parked on the other side of the street…….as I got close to the turn around (which I was not looking forward too with the thick fod) I saw two more police care go flying by with their lights on.  Wow, something must be happening in Robstown I thought.

I got to the turn around behind a loaded pipe truck….oh yay………(not the fasted pickup and since we are turning onto a highway where people are going 70 added to the fog it was going to be a risky turn)  he made the turn and interestingly enough there was no traffic. I pulled out behind him.   After I made the turn suddenly through the fog behind me I could see police car lights.  Lots of them.  I mean really, lots of them.  I kept hoping that damn pipe truck would go fast and I pulled into the work parking lot literally seconds before a pack of police came screaming by in pusuit of car.


Moron.  My boss got to work and said they had him stopped right by the cut off to Corpus and said he drove like 70 though Robstown to take advantage of everyone being busy.  Lol……and I’m happy the no one was hurt.

I got home last evening to find that Edward had had the yard done again and it looks awesome.  Almost in full summer shape.   He also put all the finishing touches on his kayak rack so the life jackets and paddles have a place to go too.  We might just get that garage organized again sometime!!!  It was pretty cool to have it stay light so much later.

Time to get another day done to get us closer to the weekend!  Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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