A Catch Up Weekend

I am not a fan of the mornings right after time change………I literally had to drag myself out of bed……I even beat the cats up!  But I sure do like it in the evenings when it stays light so much later.

We woke up during the night Friday night to more rain and it was cold.   I woke up at one point with Edward sandwiched tight against my right side and on my left side MommaCat was laying against my top half and Rascal was against my bottom half………….I felt like an oreo cookie.   The sad part was that it was easier to convince Edward to scoot over a little than it was the cats.  They were NOT moving an inch thank you very much.

Saturday we slept in late and then played a bit of catch up.  Edward got his hair cut, I got my hair cut and brows waxed, we got groceries and did a bunch of laundry.   Since it was so cool I took the opportunity to bake a batch of yummy banana bread too.  Always feels good to get things organized again plus since we are going out of town this weekend I needed to get ready.

By Saturday evening the weather cleared up enough that we decided to drive to Refugio for the 2nd Annual Refugio Wine Classic.  This is the event where we found two of our favorite local Texas Wineries last year.  (and since our wine supply took a pretty dramatic hit last weekend we needed a bit more wine)   We were worried about it being chilly but inside the tasting tent everything was nice and warm.

We caught up with South Wind and Lavaca Bluffs, tried several wines (including a honey mead and neither one of us liked AT ALL) , listened to music, ate a gyro and enjoyed the evening.  He also bought me a new Scentcy warmer to replace the Christmas one I was still using.  On the drive home he even had me sit in the middle by him so we could snuggle…………. Any evening out with my honey is an excellent evening.

Edward doens't like the cats at all.....honest.

 After breakfast on Sunday Edward went to help his son Edward with a project at their new house.  That gave me enough time to get our house back in sparkling order and get a pot roast in the oven for dinner.  The highlight of the day was my trip to the store for new rugs for the bathroom and apple rugs for the kitchen…….lol.

Rascal is the most cautious of all our cats.  Momma and Spooky will just go running out the door when it is opened but Rascal walks carefully to the door and looks around to make sure everything is safe before he ventures out.  If anything changes in his life it freaks him out.  The new apple rugs in the kitchen resulted in him taking twice as long to come inside than usual.  He had to stop and look and sniff and wait before he decided it was safe to come in.  He also freaks out if he sees footprints on the cement from wet feet.  Personally I prefer a cautious Rascal than a Superman complex cat like Spooky.

The sun finally broke out in the late afternoon and cheered everyone up.  I hate cloudy overcast days when they continue for days in a row.

So lets get this week over with so we can get to the weekend!    Happy Monday everyone!!!

Oh and I should wish a happy 25th birthday to my first born…………..Happy Birthday Caleb.

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One thought on “A Catch Up Weekend

  1. Kicky

    I know those flowers!!

    Hmmmm.. where oh where did your wine stash go?


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