From Summer To Winter Overnight………..

It always amazes me how it can be warm and windy and muggy and suddenly a cold front comes through and clears out all the humidity and drops the temperatures like a rock! .

I got up about 1:30 to let Rascal out and the change in temperature was dramatic.  When I got up in the morning there was Mommacat sitting at the patio door in the drizzle soaking wet.  Lol….its funny that when it’s wet Rascal will wait on the front porch out of the rain but Mommacat sits and waits at the patio door in the weather.  They were all happy when I let them inside.

They say rain is likely today through Sunday.  This will probably be our last real cold front of the season so I’m going to try to enjoy it.

We have eaten out more in the last week than we have in the past two months.  With company in town we went out several times over the weekend.  Then this week Ed took me out for dinner because I was tired.  Then last night we met our accountant to have our taxes done. (Woohooo free money!  Although we did decide that we should probably have a kid or two to help things out.  Our accountant said we could always adopt because we would get a huge credit……Lol)  By the time that finished it was time for a late mexican dinner.   I think I’m ready to make a good home cooked dinner tonight.

Once we finally got home Edward went online and bought tickets to opening day for the HOOKS!   I can’t wait for baseball season.  Just 27 more days and we will be enjoying a fun night of baseball.  Good, bad, or in between we are always fans!

I ‘m really happy that it is Friday (Of course who isn’t???)  ……..we had planned to be at the cabin this weekend but there was a scheduling conflict so we postponed a week.  Since we had company last weekend we have lots to catch up on……..including sleep.  Oh I can’t wait to sleep!  Edward wants to do some work on his kayak and get everything ready for when the new one arrives.  We are really looking forward to spending time on the water this spring and summer.

TIme to bundle up and head into the wet…….have a wonderful weekend!

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