Driving to work yesterday morning I was thinking what a lovely morning it was.  The skies were so pretty and the temperatures were lovely.  But then the wind started……………………………oh my goodness!  We had gusts at almost tropical storm force level.  I walked by a window shortly before lunch and it looked like the fog was rolling in.  But the truth was the wind was so strong it was like a sandstorm outside.  It just howled all day.  I was amazed at how much dust and dirt was blowing in the wind.  And thankful that I didn’t have to go out in it. For once I was happy to have my working lunch day so I didn’t have to go out and brave it.

Icky!!!!!!   Its gusty outside already this morning and they say its supposed to be even worse than it was yesterday.  Plus now the damp low clouds are back.  We are thankful that we had such pretty weather for the weekend but wish it had hung around for more than just a couple of days.  Oh well, we will get a cold front at the end of the week that should end the wind and might bring some rain.

My cold has finally decided to start to leave after a couple of miserable days.  So now I have had a chest cold and a head cold this year.  Fingers crossed that wraps up my illness for 2012.  My spring allergies even seem to have calmed down.   I’m very happy to be feeling better and I’m sure that Edward agrees. Finally slept great last evening!

I think thats about it for today…….time to get to work.  Have a great Thursday!

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