Finally Friday!

It was the most amazing thing yesterday…….I went outside for lunch (miracle #1) and there was this great big shiney ball in the sky.  THE SUN put in an appearance!!!!!!  And it was hot, getting up to almost 90 yesterday.    That’s beach weather folks!

Kicky comes this afternoon for the weekend!  Woohooooooo!  We are so excited to see her and snuggle with her and feed her cookies and wine.  🙂   Edward will be picking LaFawnduh up at the airport and plying her with beer until I get home………after that we have the whole weekend to enjoy.

The weather is supposed to cool off but clear upn so we should have nice weather for whatever we decide to do.  I know there will be wine and girl talk and cookies for sure.   Ed says maybe there will be snuggling too.

Its going to be awesome!

Oh and Happy Texas Independance Day! 

Have a great weekend everyone.  Talk to you on Monday!

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One thought on “Finally Friday!

  1. Kicky

    I miss you all so much!!!

    Reow.. purr.

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