Happy Leap Day Everyone!!!

28 days has February A very light load for one month to carry

The other months have 2 and 3 more Thirty and thirty-one being their big score

In Leap Years the days they do vary Making 29 days in February


I hope everyone is having a great leap day.  Kind of like a bonus day every four year.  They were talking on the radio this morning about how for most men this would be the perfect day to get married…..only an anniversary every 4 years…….lol.  Typical men for you…..or as Edward would say ‘Practical’.

It is nothing short of a miracle that we woke up this morning.  I managed to fall asleep last night without turning on my alarm clock but still woke up at exactly 6 am.  

Last evening (when I finally got home from work) I made spaghetti for dinner and even opened a small bottle of wine to help me unwind a bit.  Then we watched the movie Hugo.  We wanted to see what all that oscar buzz was about from Sunday night.  Interesting movie…………certainly different from what we have seen recently.   

 While we were watching it MommaCat snuggled in right next to Edward, as usual.  But then Rascal wrapped himself around Edward’s feet.  Thats not usual.  I guess he wanted snuggles too.    And he refused to move even when Edward moved his feet.  He sure looked comfy!

The fog is thick this morning, at least around our house.  The closer to work I got the lighter it got.  Maybe we will see some sunshine today yet!

Edward sent me a message this morning that MommaCat was following him around the house like a little puppy again.  She pushes open the bathroom door whenever he is in there and sits and looks at him.  Then when he was trying to get dressed she laid on his jeans.  She hates it when we leave.  I joked that next she would be hiding his keys……lol.

We have dinner plans with friends this evening.  Wrapping up Leap Day with margaritas and queso…….Mmmmmmmm!  And some good company.  So, God as my witness I am leaving work at 5 (or probably more like 5;30).  All this overtime is nice on the paycheck but it makes for short evenings at home with my honey.  😦

Ok, work is piling up by the second.  Have a great leap day!!!

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