Well Winter Is Back

At least for a day or two.

It’s been very warm and foggy the last couple of days.  I don’t think the fog went away at all yesterday………and by the time I started home it was already rolling back in.   But we had a cold front roll through during the night and while it cleared out the fog it also dropped the temperatures and the wind is howling this morning.  Brrrrrrrrrrr! I heard a little rain on the windows at some point early this morning but we didn’t get much.

They say it will be even colder on Saturday.   MommaCat wanted to go outside around 5:30 and when I opened that door and the wind hit her in the face she turned to look at me like I had lost my mind if I thought she was going out there.

The drive to work was difficult with the wind blowing me all over the place but I made it safe and sound.  

I don’t mind chilly days though, we will have lots and lots of hot sultry days to come when we would kill for a day like today. 

When I got home from work last night Edward was already hungry so instead of waiting for me to make dinner we went to Jalisco for Mexican food.  99c Margarita Nigh!  Wooohooooooooooo and mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

That made for a much more relaxing evening than cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen.  We could have dinner and then come home for a little quiet time.

The cats ♥ love Fridays during Lent when I crack open a can of tuna first thing in the morning to make tuna salad for lunch.  I had all three of them rubbing around my legs until I gave them a little bit for a treat. 

This is Edward’s working weekend but we still have a few fun activities planned.  Not sure about tonight though.   I’m watching Lilly and Guili tomorrow afternoon then we are meeting friends for drinks to celebrate a birthday.   That’s always a fun time and I’m looking forward to it.  Of course I may be too tired to move anymore after the girls leave……they can wear me out! But it’s always a good tired.

And it’s only a week until our big friends weekend!  🙂  🙂  🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!

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