Getting Ready For More Rain

Weather this morning says it is on it way……..supposed to rain between today and Saturday morning and we may get a bit of it.  There is already a bunch of rain the gulf this morning.   I’m still not really complaining although I would like a day of real sunshine sometime soon.  Maybe Saturday. (Note to self:  take umbrella into office with you.)  Foggy again this morning too.  I’m not a big fan of driving in the fog that’s for sure, especially when I have to take the turn around to get to work.

I was going to wear sandles this morning but now I think not……..tramping through mud in sandles isn’t terribly appealing idea.

Last night was Edward’s anniversary dinner at Landry’s.  The winds were light and the fog hadn’t rolled in yet.  It was a lovely evening the water with all the lights reflecting off the bay.

It was a pleasant evening filled with memories of Edward’s years of work.  Between the wine, appetizers, entrée’s and dessert we all managed to eat more than we should have.    So this morning I’m just snacking on frozen grapes for breakfast…….lol.    Edward is happy because his boss is flying out right away again this morning so he doesn’t have to spend the day with him.  Congratulations baby!

Just a quick blog today.  I have to get dressed and going……….would really rather climb back into bed and snuggle with my honey.  Sigh, oh well it’s almost the weekend!  Have a happy Thursday!





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One thought on “Getting Ready For More Rain

  1. Kicky

    Make sure the rain is gone in 2 weeks. No reason for saying.

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