Foggy, Foggy Hump Day


I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Edward had a trade show out of town yesterday (I know, what kind of freak schedules a trade show for February 14th????????) so I woke up alone in bed…..well, except for a couple of cats.  But by 7 am Edward had called to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Then it was off to work in the fog.  Tuesday’s is a working lunch day (Thankfully there don’t seem to be many meetings but the current project I am working on is meeting on Tuesdays at lunch) so I got a good lunch.  Then in the afternoon there was a Valentine’s dessert contest.  Lots of people brought desserts that we got to try…..everyone had a pretty big sugar rush after that!

Then in the afternoon the front desk called to let me know they had a package for me.   My honey sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day!   What a wonderful surprise that really brightened my day and they were lovely.

I refused to work late and rushed home right at 5 pm.  Edward beat me by a few minutes.  Since he had been gone and neither one of us were really in the mood to fight the crowds and wait for a table to eat he picked up steaks, salad, french bread and some wine.  

It was a very relaxing and romantic evening.  (I even tried out some new lingerie………)  And Edward got chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert.  All in all a wonderful day!  🙂

This morning the fog is the thickest it has been in the last week and a half.  It’s warm though…..supposed to get up 80 later on today. 

Edward is celebrating 30 years with his company this month. (Plus a few)  He already got a new plaque and a gift card and tonight is the celebration dinner with the bosses and employees.  I picked up a cute new outfit to wear and will again be running out the door at 5 to get changed and ready. 

Time to get my morning started……I have to learn new stuff again……ugh I think my brain is on overload.  Have a great Wednesday!

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