Enjoying This Damp Weather Pattern

Are we not like two volumes of one book?  ~Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

Happy Monday!  It time to start another busy week,  I suppose it is evidence to just how dry we have been this last year that after clouds and intermittent rain for the past 10 days we aren’t sick of it yet!  Looking at the forecast we may have a chance for rain almost every day this week although it is supposed to warm up nicely.  The drive into work this morning was misty and rainy the entire way.  Not the most pleasant drive in but at least I made it in one piece.

Saturday the sun actually broke through for a couple of hours and it was nice to see it.  But it didn’t seem to really warm things up that much.  It was still a chilly day.  I am glad that the weather cooperated enough that the lawn crew could do the yard on Friday.  It looks so much better than it did before.   Getting to be that time of year when we have to stay on top of the grass.  All the neighbors got into the groove and did their yards over the past few days.

Edward had to work  Saturday so I did laundry and got the house back in order after a busy week.  I still can’t figure out how everything gets messed up when there are generally only the two of us there but there is always work to be done.

I decided to make a dinner Saturday evening that I haven’t made in a while…..chicken enchiladas verde..  Its been a while since I have made them and half way through cooking I remembered why.  Oh boy do they take a while!!!!!

Once the chicken is boiling it was time to start cooking the tomatillos and jalapenos and by the time they were on it was time to pull out the chicken and then puree the tomatillos and fill the corn tortillas…………..

I started cooking around 6 pm and dinner was ready until 8:30 when Edward got home.  I did end up with quite a few pans to wash!  Then I made an apple crisp making sure I didn’t use the same knife for peeling the apples that I used on the jalapenos of course) for dessert……..mmmmmmmmmm…that I served with ice cream.  Edward teased and asked if I made that from scratch too……..lol.  And everything tasted fabulous.

Sunset on the drive home Friday night.

Here is the recipe I use and highly recommend:  http://wp.me/PR9MK-1CW  The only change I made was instead of serrano peppers I used jalapeno pepper because Edward isn’t a fan of spicy stuff.  It was plenty spicy.  Next time instead of 3 jalapenos I will probably use 2.

Sunday morning it was only 67 in the house when we finally woke up……brrrrrrrr!  But the big heater took the chill out of the air quickly.  I made migas for breakfast and then sent Edward off to work.  It was cloudy and drizzly most of the day, perfect for relaxing.    I even managed to squeeze in a short nap.

I put caldo in the crockpot and when Edward got home we went to the movie to see ‘The Vow”.  We had wanted to go Friday evening but the shows were all sold out before we could buy tickets.  (probably because I had to work late…..I know, the first week and I already had to stay late)   I thought it was a very nice romantic movie.  Edward said it wasn’t romantic at all what with only ONE car crash and ONE punch in the nose.  I was surprised that the theatres were as busy as they were on a Sunday evening but it was nice to have a date night.

Well it’s time to get my honey’s breakfast made and head on out for another exciting day.  Have a great Monday!

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