Chilly Monday

I can’t believe that it is Monday already.  You would think that having five days off work would make me feel all rested and ready to work but I’m still sleepy this morning……

Molly and Larry were in town on Wednesday night on their way to New Orleans.  They took the really long way since they are coming from Dallas.  Unfortunately, Edward had a bid in the Valley that required him to be out-of-town that night.  I know, of all the nights in the month it had to be that one.  He was so cute……he made me read the work email so I would believe him that he wasn’t making it up.

They got to Corpus around 5:30 and we had went out to dinner, drank a few margaritas and chatted. On Thursday morning we went out for breakfast and then a quick drive to the beach before they headed out.  We didn’t have any fog in town that morning but suddenly when we got to the gulf there was thick, thick, thick sea fog.  We still walked down to the water.  It was a really nice visit and they said next time we need to come up to Dallas.

Friday morning Vanessa had a medical procedure and since I wasn’t working I volunteered to keep the girls.  It’s always a good day when we get to spend time with them.  Guili is developing more personality all the time and Lilly is just Lilly.

Playtime! (Click here for cute video of Guili playing)

Guili played catch with Edward and it was so cute the way she rolled the ball.   She was happy as a clam as long as I was in the same room but if I tried to leave she burst into tears.

The girls left shortly before lunchtime and Edward and I took advantage of the free afternoon to go out to lunch.  We hadn’t been to Padre island Burger Company in a long time.  They have good burgers but they are so big.  We always forget that we should split a meal.  After lunch we ran some errands and finally came home for an afternoon nap.  Ahhhhh……the girls, lunch with my baby AND a nap.  It was pretty close to a perfect day!

Edward was off his part-time job all weekend, it was a pleasant luxury to have no place we had to be.  We slept in late each morning and stayed up late each evening and snuggled in between.

Saturday we had been promised a cold front with lots of rain.  The cold front came through around noon and the temperatures started to drop but other than some sprinkles there wasn’t any rain to be seen.  Edward took advantage of the cooler weather to work on his big project.  He has been working on building a rack to store the kayak on the wall.  It’s a the best way to store them plus since he wants to buy another kayak this spring (so we can go out together!) he needed a good solution.  He found this idea online and has been working on it a while.  This was assembly weekend!

He worked and worked and finally got it all put together on Sunday.  It looks wonderful and it a great solution.  Now we just need the other kayak.  They can both fit.

Saturday evening we went to the movies and say “One For The Money”.  This was South Wind Vineyard night but because of the weather forecast we didn’t think driving an hour out-of-town on dark back roads was a good idea so we stayed in town.  The movie had so-so reviews so we weren’t expecting much but it turned out not to be a terrible movie.  It wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t terrible.  Maybe we liked it better since didn’t read the books.  But when we got out of the movie it was a monsoon outside……complete with thunder and lighting.  We made a dash for the truck and went to Politics for a couple of drinks.  It was MMA fight night (oh yeah……yawn) and Mark & Kristina were there. The place was packed with people.  I always get to do a bunch of shoe watching when we are there……..I need some new sexy heels.   We stayed a little bit later than we planned but it was fun.

We drove home in rain and the rain didn’t stop all night long.  Every time I woke up I could hear the rain, such a nice thing to hear for a change!!!  We got 3″ at our house.  Not enough to break the drought but it will help.  Additionally the weather was much, much colder!  It actually felt  like winter on Saturday evening and all day on Sunday.

For the Superbowl we drove to Rockport to watch the game with the gang.  Lots of tasty food and good company plus it was actually an enjoyable game.

Oh, I almost forgot the most exciting news!!!!!  Mrs. Kravitz is moving!!!!  I know……..I can’t believe it is actually happening myself.  She will be out by tomorrow.   Now, we just need to hope that we get good people in next door in the future.  We feel badly for her son of course, he’s a good kid and it terrible that he has had to watch his mom struggle financially so much.   But she has made many unwise financial decisions that landed her in a mess.  The landlords worked with her as long as they could but enough was enough.

Wow this turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be.  Amazing how much doing nothing takes up……lol.  Ok, time to get today started……….keeping my fingers crossed for a nice day!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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