A Glorious Late December Day

Yesterday was another fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful South Texas day.  The skies were crystal blue, the winds were light and temperatures around 70.  It was weather perfection!!! All I wanted to do yesterday was take a nice long walk along the water and enjoy the day.  Actually the weather is supposed to be nice until New Year’s Day even if it is really foggy outside this morning!

Edward had a follow up visit with his surgeon yesterday.  The doctor was so pleased with how great he is doing.  He said most people need another round of physical therapy and he has to tell them that they need to start moving more.  In Edward’s case he is completed physical therapy and instead of urging him to move more he had to tell him to slow down a little.  While Ed is feeling pretty good he isn’t completely healed and he has to be careful not to injure himself.

He gets to go back to work after the holiday weekend.  I’m going to miss coming home at lunch time to see him and not have him anxiously waiting to see me at the end of the day. (I’m also going to have to start getting up a lot earlier in the mornings again……A LOT A LOT which is kind of sucky)  Plus the cats are going to be very bummed to not have him letting them in and out all day.

But it will be nice to  get back to regular schedules again.

Ok I’m going to work for half of the day and then get this long weekend started!  Yippie!!!!

I hope your New Year’s is filled with joy, friendship and love!  Please be safe everyone!

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