Holiday Work Weeks

Personally I think the entire week after Christmas should be a holiday.  It feels cruel to have to get up and go out in the morning when so many other people are lazing away in bed.  This last week of the year always feels like a state of suspended animation……..few people are at work and the ones who are aren’t terribly interested in being there.   On the bright side there is no traffic so the drive in and home goes by pretty quickly.  Yay!

This is our second week of 3 1/2 days work weeks……it’s going to be rough when we actually have to work five days in a row…..ugh!  I think I could be a pretty sane person if I only worked 3.5 days a week on a regular basis.

Edward has finished up his PT and has a doctors appointment this morning when they will most likely release him to go back to work after New Years.  I can’t believe that it has been six weeks already and I’m so impressed with how far he has come.  (Not to mention that those weeks of functioning with little to no sleep seem very far away!)

We have started walking some in the evenings and are working on building up his stamina.  After New Year’s we will start working hard again.

Lilly was in town on Tuesday staying with her Grandma and she came to the house to stay with Grandpa during the day.  Zach came too after work so he could get some rest.  Edward said she talked his ear off until she finally collapsed on the sofa where she napped for several hours.  After that she read books and played with sidewalk chalk.  I was sad I only got to see her for a few minutes in the morning.

Look at how sexy I am

Edward said the best part of Lilly being here was that the cats were no where to be seen!

Ok time for bed and snuggles with my honey.  Have a great week everyone!

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