It’s A Grandkid Kind Of A Weekend

We had a busy busy weekend.  I suppose that is typical for the weekend before Christmas.  Lots to do and plenty of traffic to help keep you company while doing it.

Friday night was Little Edward’s 7th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.  I know this may come as a surprise but I have never in my whole entire life been to a Peter Piper Pizza.  I couldn’t believe how crowded it was at 8 pm at night.  Crazy!

Everyone slowly filtered in and the pizza was ordered.  The older kids all immediately asked for money and headed off to the games.  Guilianna was in a really good mood and was happy to sit on my lap.  She started eating little bites of pizza herself.  She has gotten that pincer move down!  Then she started feeding me bites, I thought it was nice of her to share.

Then all of the sudden she leaned her face against mine and eventually dropped sound off to sleep.  So I got to spend lots of time holding a sleeping baby while trying to eat some pizza.

Eventually she woke up and I was forced to share her.  But then Lilly made me go play games with her and Emilio tagged along.    We had fun and Edward seemed to really enjoy his party.

Saturday was cloudy and intermittently drizzly.  We hadn’t really done any serious Christmas shopping so that was our mission for the day.  We headed out to brave the traffic and find the perfect gifts for everyone.

We avoided the mall and finished up the bulk of our shopping in record time!  As a treat we stopped for a happy hour of margaritas and appetizers…….yumm……my favorite!  Once we got home it was time to open a bottle of wine and wrap everything.

I still need to get Edward’s gift but in general we are mostly done!!!!

Sunday turned out to be an insane day at our house.  Vanessa asked if we would watch the girls so they could do some Christmas shopping.  Of course we were more than happy to oblige and I made sure to have sugar cookie dough ready for baking.

The girls got to the house around noon and insanity insued……  Guili was active and happy.  Lilly was anxious to get baking.  Edward took care of Guili while Lilly and I got the cookies going.  She was especially meticulous about making sure that every cookie had an appropriate amount of sugar on them.  Really meticulous.

Our friend Susan and her sister Peggy stopped by in the afternoon and got to meet the girls.  It’s ‘terrible’ how shy Lillyanna is……  She made friends with Peggy instantly.  I think they were probably pretty thankful to be able to leave and go someplace kid free by the time they left.  Lol.

Guilianna followed us all around the house and played and laughed all day.  She wanted me to play with her non-stop.  She was especially interested in the Christmas trees and the cats, although the cats didn’t want to play with her.  I was exhausted by the time evening came. Thankfully Lilly picked that time to crash on our bed and Guili took a nice nap too.  Even Edward laid down and got some sleep!It was a fun day.  It’s amazing how much fun those girls are and how much I love them.  It was an excellent day and an excellent weekend!

It’s a very short work week……YAY!  I’m only working a half day today and we are off on Friday too.  So only three days of actual work before Christmas!

I’m exhausted so I need to get some sleep!  I hope you have a great week!

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