Pictures Of Me Eating Cheese Coming Tomorrow……Lol!

Today just a few other random shots………….lol

I love my cats, I really do but I wish someone could explain to me why they think any article of clothing left laying someplace is there for them to nap on.

Argh!!!!!!  So much for wearing that cardigan to work!

The weather has turned warm and muggy again. It was over 80 degrees yesterday and with all the rain and drizzle we have had it feels like a sauna outside.  NOT Christmasey!    Plus the sea fog is back……as it is every December.  It started rolling in early last night and is THICK out there  this morning.

Our tree looks happier now that we have a few presents under it.  We’ve only gotten things for the grandkids so far but thats ok!

I bought some new fancy wine glasses so we could Christmas properly. Ed’s has Santa on it.  Aren’t they cute?????????

I just love sitting in and looking at all the lights during this season.  It makes me happy.  Especially with the candles lit and the potpouri smelling wonderful.  Getting everything decorated was worth it.  🙂

Ok, no more pictures today………….I’m sure I have lots of fun stuff to do.  <eyeroll>  Happy Hump Day.

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One thought on “Pictures Of Me Eating Cheese Coming Tomorrow……Lol!

  1. Kicky

    It’s tomorrow!!!!


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