Wonderful Rainy Weekend

Texas has been in a terrible drought this year.  We haven’t been thinking about it quite as much now that the weather has cooled a bit but we are in desperate need of rain.

Last week the forecast was for a rainy weekend but, to be honest, we didn’t believe them.  They have promised us rain before and it always faded out before giving us real good rain.

Saturday we woke to cloudy skies and a few sprinkles but nothing significant………par for the course we thought.  About 1 pm Edward and I decided it was time to go run a few errands and at that moment it began to rain.  Not heavy rain, just a steady light soaking rain.  Exactly what we needed.  And it continued the rest of the day Saturday,  all night and I woke up to rain on the windows on Sunday morning!

We got about an inch at our house and I think the plants are happier already!

Friday evening Edward and I went out for dinner at Longhorn.  It was good to get out of the house but we quickly learned to skip the margaritas at Longhorn.  Yuck!  But the rest of the dinner was good.  After dinner we took a drive to look at the lights on the harbor bridge.  This new project cost a pretty penny but it is cool to watch.

We watched the light show for a while and then drove down ocean drive to look at the lights.  After that we stopped at Walmart to finally do a little Christmas shopping.  We have decided on Guilianna’s gift…..lets be honest, babies are easy to shop for but hadn’t decided on But we found perfect gifts for all the grandkids in petty short order.   Edward did great and hung in their through the whole shopping trip.

At least until we got to the checkout line, then he went to wait in the truck which was a good thing.  Walmart at 9 pm on Friday night during Christmas season had 3 checkout lines open.  I got into one that only had two people in it but, as it turns out had the slowest checker in the South.  The lady in front of me was talking to me about how she was buying Christmas gifts for her Grandkids too when she told the clerk that she wanted to buy some snuff.  (Don’t get me started on how disgusting that is)  The clerk asked her husband if he was under 40 and then asked to see his ID.  Lady says that SHE is buying the snuff so if anyone should be ID’d it should be her.

Mary, Jesus & Joseph is this bullshit really necessary?  They were CLEARLY not under 18.  I mean, really clearly not under 18.  Not even in the ball park of 18.  Hell, I wouldn’t have put them in the vicinity of 50 but I learned that she was actually 43.  Rode hard and hung up wet 43.

Finally after digging out an ID the checker entered, carefully , all the pertinent data in the computer before continuing to complete their order at a snails pace.  Yaking the whole way through.

It’s stuff like that that makes my Christmas spirit evaporate.  When she finally got to me should found out quickly that I wasn’t in the mood to discuss things, I wanted her to check so I could get out of there.  Edward thought I had been abducted by the time I got to the truck.

Once we got home he finished up his Christmas project for the week.  It turned out great!  I’m glad that we have found a way to put our wine drinking to good use.

And yes, before you ask…..we put apples on pretty much everything.

Most of the rest of the weekend we spent at home snuggled under blankets listening to the rain and watching movies & football.  It wasn’t worth trying to drive anywhere with the slick streets and idiot drivers.  Plus is was chilly so it was perfect for staying in.

I wrapped the presents we had purchased on Sunday so our tree looks much more festive. Of course two seconds after putting them under the tree Mommacat and Spooky were there trying to open them up.  It’s going to be a long two weeks………..

MommaCat is also in love with the candy canes on the tree.  Every morning when we get up we find candy canes on the ground.  Spooky likes to bat at the lower hanging ornaments but other than that they leave the tree alone.  Thank goodness we don’t have anyone climbing the tree.  I remember the year Cheeto kept climbing up and breaking ornaments.

As much as I hate too…..and on all that is holy I really really hate too…..I’m off to work this morning.  But at least I got caught up on some rest and spent lots of time with the love of my life.

Happy Monday.

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One thought on “Wonderful Rainy Weekend

  1. Kicky

    I am hoping for a pic of you eating cheese….

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