Kind Of A Funny Story

One of the side effects of Edward’s surgery is that he had a lot of difficulty getting into and out of bed.  The first couple of weeks I had to help lift his surgical leg onto the bed and prop it up at bed time to reduce swelling.  When he woke up during the night and needed to use the rest room I removed the wedges and helped lower the leg down.

Additionally the first couple of weeks he didn’t sleep well and that meant that I was up numerous times a night (a couple of nights that means I was up every hour) helping him in and out of bed.  It got to the point where all that had to happen was me feeling him start to move and I was up helping him out of bed.

Things have gotten a lot better recently!  He is sleeping better and can now get his leg in and out of bed on his own occasionally.  I do still need to help when it is elevated to reduce swelling but in general he can get up and down by himself.

So last night Edward was (to hear him tell the tale) sound asleep in bed when he suddenly felt his legs being removed the from the bed and put on the floor.   There was I……….getting him out of bed apparently to go potty.

I have no real memory of this event so I can only assume that I was either sleep walking or I thought I felt him wake up and leapt to action.

I think he is thankful that I didn’t try to do any other activities with him while I was asleep.  😉

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