Fantastic Day!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday was a great busy day!  The weather was fantastic…….my favorite kind of weather.  Clear, cool, brisk with no humidity.  It felt so wonderful.  The water in the bay looked like glass.

Edward went to the othepedic surgeon and had his staples removed yesterday too.  Now we don’t need to keep bandages on the wound any more.    Thats good news because his skin really hates the bandages and I hated hurting him.  Its good to have proof that he is on the way to full recovery.

After that we went his first out patient physical therapy appointment.  It sure made life easier when they just came to the house but this physical therapist seems competent.  She said that Edward didn’t have to use the walker anymore although he needs it when he gets a little tired.  He goes every day this week and then three times a week for another few weeks.  By then he should be in pretty good shape physically.

We also meet an older gentlement who had his hip surgery a month ago.  It was astonishing to see how well he was doing. He said he walked a mile that morning so now Ed has a goal to work towards!Thats about it for this morning…..its another busy day for me!  Happy Tuesday!



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One thought on “Fantastic Day!!!

  1. Kicky

    Yay, for progress!

    Ed, I am counting on you for a walking partner on my next visit.

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