There’s No Place Like Home

Word Press is really pissing me off.  Lately when I write a post and try to publish it it disappears.  Just POOOOOFFFF.  I had a whole post last night done and it disappeared.   There was no more energy in my tank to re do it so I’m starting over today……….>

We are finally home!

Yesterday morning the doctor came in and confirmed that Edward could go home after his afternoon therapy session.  YAY!  Of course that day seemed to drag on and on.   Every other day people had been in and out of his room every second but yesterday we were left pretty much to our own devices.

We had our favorite nurse Betsy again…..she is so awesome and funny.  We loved her.   She came in to make sure we didn’t have any questions about anything.  So I took the opportunity to drive Edward crazy and asked when he could have sex again.  She laughed and said she could close the door and see about getting an order from the doctor for sex………lol.

I think we can give him a week or two to recuperate before tackling that.  😉

I also entertained myself by mocking his big butt………..he has some significant swelling in the buttockal area where he had surgery and one side of his tush looks like he has a shelf.  (It’s probably mean to laugh at it but it just looks so strange on him and really, I have to do something to amuse myself!)

Finally about 4 pm we were on our way.  It was wonderful and scary to go out those doors.  I think I drove 25 mph the whole way home.

The cats were thrilled to have us home.  I got Edward comfy and took on one of my least favorite tasks…….going to Wal-Mart to fill his prescriptions.   I was exhausted and the news that they didn’t have all of the medicines in stock plus the fact that it was going to take an hour to fill everything made me seriously consider stabbing the little bitch pharmacy tech.  (Have I mentioned that I sometimes get a teeny bit irrational when I’m tired and stressed?  Because I do.)

Once I finally got everything filled I came home, fed Edward caldo and then we both laid down for a nap and some snuggles.  He held me so close and it felt fantastic.  All in all he was up out of bed for about 6 hours yesterday!  He needs to be careful not to push himself too hard and over do.  He wants to be better NOW so he is pushing himself a little bit more than he should.  I have reminded him that this journey isn’t a sprint but a marathon but each day he will be getting better.

We did pretty well last night, he slept in about 3 or 4 hour stretches. (Plus I got about 12X more sleep than I had all week).  This morning he had breakfast, we got him cleaned up and now he is resting while we wait for home health to arrive.  Oh and his blood sugar plummeted to normal readings this morning……WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Someone remind me to hide Ed’s phone the next time I fall asleep on the sofa……!

It’s been a week.  I’m so happy to have Edward home!  I love him soooo much and I’m glad he is on the road to recovery!

Have a great weekend!  (It is Friday right?)

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