Turning The Corner

Today has been a very busy and productive day.  Edward is pushing himself hard and performing like a rockstar!

Before breakfast was even served this morning he had me get him up out of bed and standing at the sink so we could wash his hair.  Then I helped him have a sponge bath and he even shaved.  All in all he was standing and taking care of himself for over 30 minutes.  He is very steady and thats wonderful news.

Once PT came in Edward decided he was going to do the whole circle of the floor and he did it.  For the morning session they followed him with a wheelchair in case he got tired but by the afternoon they did away with that precaution.  He even adjusted his gait back to a normal ‘reciprical’ gait.

His physical therapist said that she could tell by his calves that he had done work on them and that combined with his upper body strength gives him a lot of stamina.  Additionally he is younger than many people who have this surgery and that helps him bounce back better.  The only real worry is that if he pushes himself too far he could suffer a setback.   Slow and steady progress is the goal.

Today I finally feel more confident in his ability to go home and my ability to take care of him.  It is a little daunting……here we have people to cook and clean and keep track of the medications.  At home we have…………………………………………………….me.  But together we can do it……we are a great team!

Bedtime for Edward and Amy!  Tomorrow is going to be a big, big, big day!


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