In Sickness & In Health

Warning:  There is a good chance that this could be one of the most disjointed posts ever.  In fact I can almost promise it.  I’m not sure I can spell words.  It may not even be in English.  It’s been a long 24 hours and it’s not near over yet.

Edward’s hip replacement surgery was yesterday morning.  It went well, as far as they can tell at this point.  We won’t know if his leg lengths are the same until they can stand him up later today.  (something he is NOT looking forward to doing)

The hours he was in surgery seemed to take days.  I was so relieved when the surgeon finally came to talk to me.  He had a pretty frank and serious conversation that I took to heart.  He said we were over the big hump but we had lots of little humps to get over and most of how it would go would depend on how committed Edward is.  He also said I needed to ride his ass to push him to do what he is supposed to do.

Edward finally got to his room about 1:30 and started to wake up an hour or so later.   I felt much better once I could touch him and give him a kiss.   The first several hours were difficult, to say the least.  He was hooked up to more pumps and machines than I expected.  I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t this:  He was uncomfortable and kind of disoriented and uncooperative (to put it mildly)  in those first hours.

Thankfully I got him calmed down, organized and resting and when he really, really woke up a couple of hours after that he was feeling a bit better.  He didn’t even need to use the morphine pump that much.

He ate a good dinner and had a few hours of resting comfortably.  He even asked for a kiss at one point and jokingly asked if I wanted sex……lol. I could honestly tell him without a doubt that at that moment I did NOT.

In my opinion there is no place more awful to be than a hospital with someone in the middle of the night.  The minutes drag, you can’t get comfortable, you can’t make them comfortable everything seems dismal and 100X more dark than it does during the light of day.  I am honored to get to be here with Edward during this but, lets be honest…..I hope I never have to do it again……..or if I do I hope its years and years and years from now.

Edward finally insisted that I go home around 1:30 this morning so I could shower.  (No one could find me a recliner so I was trying to rest on the floor and I think he felt guilty….or I was stinky….one or the other)  I got home around 2am and climbed into bed for a nap and, of course…….couldn’t fall asleep to save my life.  I did manage to doze off for 90 minutes or so, took a shower, feed the cats, threw in a load of laundry, stopped at Whataburger for some breakfast and was back at the hospital by 5.  I feel much better and I’m ready to take on the challenge of getting him up and going.

And someone did get me a recliner first thing this morning so it should be a much more comfortable day.

Thoughts and prayers are, as always appreciated and needed.

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