Post Surgery Day 1

Well, I will say that Tuesday was a much better day than Monday was.  Although it was a lot harder work for Edward.  Every one assured us that this would be the most painful day so our hope is that it will be downhill from here……gradually downhill of course.  His blood counts are fantastic so he won’t need a blood transfusion which is excellent news.  His temperature is also going down.

Sleeping like a baby

Finally this  morning they started disconnecting him from all of the tubes and wires that were making him uncomfortable.  They even let him take off the leg immobilizer although he will have to wear it at night when he sleeps for a while.   Unfortunately, once they did that Physical Therapy arrived to get him out of bed and standing.  PT was very professional but it was still a painful experience for him.  But the first time out of bed he managed to take eight tiny baby steps with the walker…..YAY HONEY!!!!  Then he sat up in a chair for a brief while.

After lunch we both fell sound asleep and got some good quality rest until it was time for another PT visit.  This time they started him on some exercises.  His PT girl was demonstrating how he needed to do butt crunches and he was so fascinated with looking at her butt that I knew we had turned the corner and he was on the road to recovery!  Then they got him up.  Edward decided to walk out of the room and down the hall…….he walked quite a long ways and impressed them with his determination.   I am very proud of how hard he is working!

What a rockstar!

He sat up in a chair for a couple of hours late this afternoon and has had some visitors this evening.  I think thats about it so far today.  While he sleeps I think I’m going to close my eyes for a bit too.

Have a good night!

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