Another Fantastic Morning For Snugging!

I love November!  We had another cold front blow through on Wednesday evening and it is downright cold this morning.   The wind was whipping during the night and it felt fantastic to stay in and snuggle.

On Tuesday morning the roofers finally arrived to replace our roof.  The minute people started walking around on the roof the cats all freaked out completely……  They ran for the hills and didn’t come home until late that night when they were sure all the strangers and noise were gone.

I had a rough day on Tuesday.  I was irritated, stressed out and annoyed about a laundry list of things.  Then when I got home there was no place to park because of the roofers trucks, trash dumpster and the tree trimmers who decided to show up at dark.  I came inside only interested in taking a quick shower and walked into this in the hall bath:

Edward’s bathroom looked pretty much the same.  It is safe to say that I was not a happy camper.

Additionally we also found out that evening that the landlord had decided to remove the skylights completely because they didn’t meet the requierments for wind storm covereage and replacement ones were cost prohibitive.   The skylights were something that I really appreciated about the house and to say I didn’t take this news well might be a teeny bit of an understatement.  Especially since the landlord didn’t opt to tell me about it ahead of time.

Rationally I understand that it is his house and he can do what he wants with it.  Irrationally, it was the final straw on the camels back that night and threw me clean over the edge into a melt down.    Sadly for Mr Landlord he got the brunt of my frustration.

Yesterday was a better day.  Although, I am still pretty pissed about the skylight issue.   After work we had a celebration in a suite at the Omni for a poker party complete with cocktails and pizza.  I haven’t played poker in a while and still managed to bankrupt my manager……on the first hand of the night. (Because I am that good!)  Our Director was down from Austin and brought all the poker items, including the playing cards….which came from Tiffany.  Nope, I’m not joking.  They were in a fancy Tiffany blue box and everything.

It was a fun evening, and its a great joy to work with a group of professionals who get along as well as we all do.

Today is Thursday and it’s going to be a better day.  Both Edward and I slept well last night, which is a huge improvement over Tuesday night so we are both feeling better today.

Time to head out into the chill and try to finish the day so we can hurry home for more snuggles!  Have a great Thursday!


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