I Can’t Come Up With A Good Title For This Post

Probably because I am worn out and brain-dead.  I’m on a mission to cram a months worth of work into two weeks and it’s keeping me jumping.

Last evening Edward was scheduled to go to the football officials annual barbeque.  Since I didn’t have anyone to cook for I worked late trying to get ahead on some work. (As a side note, while the change back to standard time is great in the mornings it makes the work day feel like it goes on forever and ever and ever……….)   I had a very busy day and didn’t even have time for lunch so I was starving by the time I was on my way home.

I was a mile or so from the house when I got a text from Edward informing me that my pizza was getting cold…..and when I turned the corner he was still home.  🙂  He decided to skip the barbecue and sweetly ordered us a pizza for dinner………what a sweetheart!  Dinner always tastes better when someone else cooks it, including Pizza Hut!

So I started last night putting together my shopping list for Thanksgiving.  Honestly, I can not believe that it is only a little over two weeks away!  We will be having a quiet day at home so I’m planning on making a small turkey, cornbread dressing, broccoli rice casserole and some kind of salad.  Oh and dinner rolls of course.  If I’m feeling ambitious I might even make them from scratch.   I want to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast also.

Did I mention the holiday punch?  Yesss there will be holiday punch too!  Edward is so excited he is hardly stand it. (Snort)

Thats about it for today.  Have a great Tuesday!

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