Being Reminded Of What Is Important

I rolled into work on Thursday morning in kind of a crabby mood.   The cold front had roard through during the night and all I wanted to do was stay on my sofa, snuggled under a blanket with my kitties and relax.  Instead I had to go to work.

When I got to the office only one of my office mates was there and he asked if I had heard the news about our manager, Brett.  I said I hadn’t heard anything.  He told me I should probably sit down.

Brett lives (lived I guess) in an apartment building in Rockport that went up in flames early Thursday morning.  He had to jump out of a second floor window to survive.  We found out later in the morning that his neighbors across the hall weren’t so fortunate and had passed away.

He got out wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  Everything was distroyed including his Suburban that was parked in front of the building.  He called one of the people at work he is close too and he drove up to get him.  Their first stop was Walmart for clothes and then (like the true dedicated professional he is) the next stop was to replace his distroyed cell phone.

And he was at the office before noon.  (I told him I knew he did it just so none of the rest of us could EVER have a good excuse for missing work again)

Brett’s family arrived today to help him start getting things back in order.  Abd we all recieved a good reminder of what is important in life.  Our lives, our health, our family.  Nothing else really matters.

So I went about my Thursday with a great appreciation and came home to my house and my love.  And I remembered to say thank you.


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