“Mums and pumpkins, so rich in their colors.  Reminds me of a fall rainbow, after the summer showers.”

Brrrr…….baby!  There is a nip and a chill in the air this morning!  Plus the wind is still howling making it feel even colder.  Boy oh boy are the winds howling!

Our second cold front of the year blasted through…….ok I’m not sure exactly what time it was…….I heard the rain and the wind but didn’t wake up enough to look at the clock lets just say it was early this morning and today will be a dramatically colder one than yesterday. The cats wanted to go outside about 5 and while I told them I didn’t think they would want to be outside they were insistant.  You should have seen the sight at 7 when I fnally dragged myself out of bed and opened the door.   We had three pretty freaked out cats from all the wind……lol.

Sadly, I can’t stay on the sofa because today would be perfect for staying in and watching movies all day.  (And the cats agree since the sofa is where they are planted) Or maybe the perfect day to be snuggled in bed with my honey.  Either would be preferable to going out into the gale to work.

I’m making chili and cornbread for dinner tonight, that should hit the spot.  Mmmmmmmmm!  It’s always fun to break out the recipes you haven’t made in a while when the weather finally changes.

Well, at least after today we only have one more day until the weekend!  This weekend won’t be quite as exciting as last but it will still be a nice one.

Have a great Thursday!

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